Current progress on my (first of several?) Official AD&D Coloring Book page. I am a serious artist. 

Taking a break for today, as my hand is starting to cramp. Will finish this in the not too distant future. Backgrounds and bulette are all done. Need to finish the adventuring party and the horse being eaten. Maybe half finished now.

Here’s the line art for that Ophelia piece. Pen and ink, with some retouching/processing in photoshop. Inktober day *coughcough*

I drew a thing! And I’m pretty happy with it. 

It’s Ophelia from the comic, with a bit of an alternate look that may or may not show up one day.

Patreon patrons get a free high res download of this, that they can print to their hart’s content. The rest of you can throw money at me via paypal if you’d like a copy. Details here:

Inktober Day 4. (Yes this is Saturday’s. I drew it last night, but couldn’t scan it and post it until today.)

BiBi Dazzle, lounging at Les Salon des Voyeurs.

Quick Inktober Day 3 sketch, as I’ve got a party to get ready for tonight.

This little guy is Dr. Acevedo’s medical clockbot assistant. It does not have a name yet.

Inktober Day #2! 

Another upcoming minor Clockworks character, Dr. Acevedo, who will be showing up in the comic at some point in the next 30 pages. He shares a last name and general appearance with artist/graphics monkey Aaron Acevedo.

Inktober Sketch #1

Hey I’m doing Inktober, as I desperately need to get back into the habit of drawing things with pencils and pens and paper. I am super rusty. 

My theme this month is Random Clockworks Characters. These people may show up in the comic or RPG book one day, or they might just exist in the world and in sketches. This is Minverva, a painfully shy mechanic. She’ll show up in the comic one day. I’ll probably tweak her design at some point to be a bit less modern, but she’ll look more or less like this.

Done mostly in sharpie markers and pens, with zero retouching in photoshop. (Which was a major hurdle to overcome, I always clean up/tweak my line art in photoshop.)

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. I’ve been stuck in a pretty bad art rut lately, specifically a drawing line art with actual real pens and stuff rut. To try and break out of it, I’m going to be doing random doodly scribbly things to amuse myself/get back in the habit of arting/regain skills lost due to slacking/stretch brain muscles/etc and so on.

Here’s a girl and her awkwardly disinterested robot boyfriend, inspired by Royksopp and Robyn’s “Girl and the Robot”.


Layout and scribbles for Clockworks page 0178. Hoping to get the line art drawn tonight so I can do a livestream of making the comic tomorrow. I’ve hidden the text layers. Speech balloon (and especially speech balloon arrow) placement is in no way shape or form final.


Art from Clockworks 0177: Wake

Art from Clockworks 0177: Wake

Art from Clockworks 0177: Wake